The Game of Chess Had Patch Notes, Too

Right now, a stalemate is considered a draw. But before the 1800s, it was considered a win for the losing player. These rules were heavily dependent on the region the game took place in, and as noted in Harold J. R. Murray’s A History of Chess, a stalemate win was commonly considered to be an “inferior win,” and any player who won a competitive chess match in this way would only receive half of their winnings. Since then, chess experts have gone back and forth with regards to the rule. As recent

Platforms Like Wattpad Allow Marginalized Authors to Reach Readers

Growing up, I struggled to find myself. I was a member of one of my majority-white suburb’s few Black families and the only one out of them to be the child of first-generation immigrants. I lived in a pocket of an already small subsection of the populace. I looked and spoke differently from my peers, and my family’s desire to fit in kept me far from my culture. I tried to act like the other kids; they were the ones who were always on TV and in the movies, who I read about in history books, and w

REVIEW: Clouds of Rain

Clouds of Rain is as monotonous as it is uninspired. Its mechanics are unimpressive, and its storytelling dull. It is agonizingly by the book, hitting every single story and gameplay trope you would expect and offering little in terms of uniqueness. Clouds of Rain takes place in a Medieval Western European-style world where humanity lives on floating chunks in the sky. People traverse around the islands on airships, worshipping leviathans covered in precious oil. You start the game as a hunter

The Sonic Fans Making the Games That Sega Won't

Sonic the Hedgehog’s last set of major releases, Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, garnered polarizing responses. The former, a retro-throwback game developed by a group of fans, presently holds a critic score in the high 80s on Metacritic. Its sister release, created by industry veterans at Sonic Team, is sitting at around a 55 on the same site. Sonic Mania’s existence alone is an anomaly, a project led by prominent Sonic fan-community member, Christian “Taxman” Whitehead, and almost entirely devel

Black Power, White Money

Ice Cube and Lil Wayne's ability to ignore all of the damage the Trump administration has done is a sharp reminder of not only class solidarity among the super-wealthy, but also the power disparity between white and Black people. During the last few weeks of the 2020 election, the Trump campaign spent over $20 million on a last-minute grasp for Black voters. Part of this effort involved reaching out to Black celebrities like Ice Cube and Lil Wayne and unveiling what the administration called "

Technologies to Boost Your Ecommerce Strategy —

To realize its full potential, an effective ecommerce strategy not only requires a strong team with streamlined processes in place but also best-in-class technologies. Whether you’re newly launching with a limited product offering, or you have an advanced and robust ecommerce program, there are front-end and back-end considerations that can help manufacturers manage and simplify many of the moving parts. The online transactional process is complex and varies greatly by internet retailer. Regard

Sell, Stay, or Buy? The Impact of COVID on New Home and Furniture Sales

Late Summer and early Fall have historically been great times to purchase a new home. That trend continues to hold, despite the recent coronavirus pandemic. Mark Fleming, the chief economist at First American Financial Corporation, said in a Forbes interview: “There are still many tailwinds for housing. The first is record-low mortgage rates, which incentivizes renters to buy as monthly mortgage payments come down. The second is the growth of working from home, home gyms, homeschooling, etc. t

Darkwood: A Horrific Bird’s Eye View Into The Unknown

Horror in video games has had a few solidified gameplay styles over the last couple of decades; they are typically first or third-person adventure games, with much of their differences found in their gameplay mechanics. Resident Evil games are usually third-person adventures with combat revolving around tank controls and resource management. Amnesia is a first-person stealth game where you are tasked with solving puzzles while hiding from pursuers. These games instill tension and fear in their p